{Disarmed} Not without my Xiaomi: these are the products without which our life would be more complicated

Not without my Xiaomi: these are the products without which our life would be more complicated

Don't worry, you are not the only ones who use Xiaomi products in your day-to-day life. In fact, from the writing of xiaomist, we all use different gadgets from the Asian firm, which make our lives a little easier and that we want to share with you so that you can learn a little more about our tastes.

For this reason, we encourage you to leave in the comments which is the Xiaomi product that you cannot do without since you use it every day. We are going to tell you what our options are, but surely you can help us learn about other habits to adapt other devices to our routine.

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Isra Fernández's essential product

My Body Composition Scale 2

We are going to start with the favorite product of our colleague Isra Fernández who, as we will be able to appreciate, is a person who cares about his health and physical condition: "Bliss My Body Composition Scale 2. Yes, I conceive life without her, but I would have to buy another identical scale. Every day I use it a couple of times and use the Mi Fit app to measure progress and gain in health. "

"This scale is capable of measuring up to 13 different parameters and it has been the driving force that I have been looking for for years to commit and lose weight consistently, without bad diets, struggling to maintain a good muscle level."

My Body Composition Scale 2 1

"The incentive against sedentary life that we editors carry full time. And, well, in the end, even the cat uses it, because it is capable of recording the data of 16 people simultaneously. Xiaomi nailed it with this product and yes A version 3.0 comes out with an improved biometric chip, I'll be the first to get hold of it. "

The essential product of Iván Linares

This time we have to know the essential product of our colleague Iván Linares who, as a good editor, has chosen a product that facilitates his work when the lighting conditions are not too good:

Mj Bedsidelamp2

"Among the entire collection of Xiaomi devices that rolls around the house, the one that I use the most without a doubt is the Mi Bedside Lamp , the adjustable desk lamp. It seems to me a barbarian accessory, both for the design and for the service it offers. And on top of that, it's at a good price, I can't think of any reasons not to recommend it. "

"I have the first model on my table, one that I imported from China when it was not sold in Spain. And my son fell in love with it, so he has the Xiaomi Mi Bedside Lamp 2. In my case, I use it especially when I read at night : thanks to its intensity regulation I can adjust the lamp enough to read the book without disturbing my wife while she sleeps. Both the regulation and the ignition are at hand. "

Mj Bedsidelamp2 1

" I'm not used to handling it from my mobile, although I think it is a great complement. Also its advanced options, such as the alarm clock with progressive lighting. For what it's worth, you can't ask for more."

Álex Fernández's essential product

As for our colleague Álex Fernández , he is a user of a product that has been launched recently and, apparently, he is quite happy with it: "The Xiaomi Pad 5 has become an essential in my day-to-day life. I use it for take notes, organize my day, watch movies and series. "


"Also to browse the internet in a comfortable way without having to open the computer. I can also have several apps open at the same time and be able to perform actions very quickly. "

Xiaomi Pad 5, analysis: the beginning of the great revolution of tablets in the Android world
In xiaomist
Xiaomi Pad 5, analysis: the beginning of the great revolution of tablets in the Android world

As we can see, the new Xiaomi Pad 5 has given Álex greater versatility when it comes to not having to use his personal computer for so many hours a day and disconnect from work in his free time. Therefore, we can say that this equipment is a fantastic complement for those who want to organize their day in a more efficient way or want to enjoy their favorite content in a more comfortable format.

Dany Vega's must-have product

It is time for me to tell you what that product is without which my life could not be the same, and I think it will not surprise many. On numerous occasions we have told you about the electric scooters that Xiaomi offers and it is that, without any doubt, since I acquired the Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter Pro , my way of moving around the city has completely changed.

Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter Pro

What used to be an odyssey between the bus or any other public transport, now everything is much easier with the electric scooter. In fact, it has replaced the car itself many times, since with it I don't even have to look for a parking space, just get to my destination, fold it up and enjoy.

Xiaomi electric scooters buying guide: we compare and look for the best model for you
In xiaomist
Xiaomi electric scooters buying guide: we compare and look for the best model for you

I personally am quite a maniac with the section on the autonomy of the products that I use in my day to day, so it is important that, always within an adequate price, I can have the greatest possible autonomy, that is why I chose the Pro version of this vehicle.

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Now the question is transferred to you, what is the Xiaomi product without which your life would not be as comfortable? We are waiting for you in the comments section to be able to share with everyone our experience with our favorite brand and learn about new products and interesting habits.

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The news Not without my Xiaomi: these are the products without which our life would be more complicated was originally published in xiaomist by Daniel Vega .


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