{Disarmed} Monthly updates from Samsung: Details of the November 2021 security patch released

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A few days ago, Samsung started delivering the security patch for November 2021. However, the company did not reveal which vulnerabilities were fixed with the latest security patch. Today the company updated its website and released details of the November 2021 security update.

As part of the monthly Security Maintenance Release (SMR), the South Korean company has closed dozen of security vulnerabilities. Google fixes three critical vulnerabilities, 20 high-risk vulnerabilities, and two medium-risk vulnerabilities, among others. The update also includes fixes for 13 vulnerabilities (one high risk vulnerability, one critical vulnerability, and two medium risk vulnerabilities) found in Galaxy smartphones and tablets.

Samsung mentioned that 15 vulnerabilities that Google fixed with its November 2021 security patch were already included in Samsung's October 2021 update. The update also contains 17 bug fixes that do not apply to Samsung devices.

Samsung said it fixed a highly dangerous bug that insecurely stored sensitive information in property settings and allowed attackers to read ESN values ​​without permission. It also fixes bugs caused by missing or improper input validation in HDCP and HDCP LDFW, allowing attackers to override TZASC and thus compromise TEE or execute arbitrary code.

The new security patch fixes this bug with correct input validation in HDCP LDFW and the removal of legacy code in HDCP. Further information on the SVEs (Samsung Vulnerabilities and Exposures) included in this update can be found on the relevant Samsung website.


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