{Disarmed} MIUI 13 in seven completely renewed functions

MIUI 13 in seven completely renewed functions

There are barely a few weeks left and the leaks do not stop coming. MIUI 13 comes well loaded with news like that new Xiaomi Home that will integrate all kinds of Android devices.

And although we have already talked about its new widgets, it never hurts to gloss over to what extent the MIUI team is working hard to correct past errors and optimize what MIUI 12.5 has already been doing successfully. These are some of the most attractive news and the most practical functionalities that you can enjoy on your Xiaomi, Redmi or POCO once updated to MIUI 13.

A customizable virtual assistant


A virtual pet! It is not actually a pet itself, but MIUI will add a virtual character for the assistant Xiao Ai. As we see in the XIOAMIUI image and as reported from MyDrivers , this Mi Assistant will only be available in the China ROM, as usual.

My Health renewed


Revamped interface and more features. We already commented a few weeks ago that Xiaomi Health would be completely renewed, integrating Xiaomi Wear functions.In fact, this second one officially disappears - not Mi Fit - so that Xiaomi Health is the one that fully manages all the sports, health and sports parameters. Training modes registered through the synchronized smartwatch.

Mobile temperature analysis


Imagine that you are playing quietly and suddenly you feel that something is not right on your Xiaomi, Redmi or POCO. The new function integrates a control to know in depth the temperature of the mobile at all times.

However, the usual monitor is replaced by a more schematic and direct system, through four parameters that define the temperature status: poor, normal, good and excellent .

New photo gallery view


In true Google Photos style, the new photo "reel" view makes viewing and managing albums and the latest photos much simpler.

This third iteration of the Gallery application is full of interesting new features, such as the slider or a (presumed) new editing menu . Now we will see the photos being able to make a chronological movement, more intuitive.

New toolbox


The old floating ball has died. Long live the sidebar. In the form of just that, as a sidebar , we will now have access to a handful of shortcuts to open the application that best suits us at all times. The 'Sidebar' will debut as a predefined function in MIUI 13 .

'Notes' is also renewed


The Notes app is also going to experience changes. As we mentioned a few days ago , this application will now have a greater role and extra functions, being able to create and manage tasks on the fly, without having to access the application itself and linking from our desktop.

A purchase tracking system


As if it were the Amazon app, companies such as Mi Store, JD or Youpin can now send us notifications of the status of a purchase through the SF Express parcel, managed by the Guoguo company.

Only operative in China, to use it requires accepting permits; in return, the status of a sent package can be viewed at all times.

So you can record calls with any Xiaomi smartphone
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So you can record calls with any Xiaomi smartphone
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