{Disarmed} Loop LiquidCool: this is the technology presented by Xiaomi to avoid heating up your terminal

Loop LiquidCool: this is the technology presented by Xiaomi to avoid heating up your terminal

Xiaomi, and without prior notice, has just presented the technology called Loop LiquidCool , a new cooling system for smartphones with which they promise to double the heat dissipation capabilities of a phone compared to conventional solutions for steam chambers or other systems. Similar.

As Xiaomi itself has indicated, this system is inspired by cooling solutions used in other industries such as aerospace in which the liquid refrigerant can be attracted to the heat source, thus achieving its vaporization to, then, dissipate heat to an area with a lower temperature.

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A modified Xiaomi Mix 4, the first device to test this technology

Although the operation of Loop LiquidCool may seem similar to other systems, the novelty is that it focuses its cooling capacity on the circulation in one direction of the coolant , all through the implementation of a Tesla valve inside of the recharging chamber of the system to prevent the refrigerant in the gaseous state from moving in the wrong direction, thus achieving greater efficiency.

Xiaomi Loop Liquidcool Technology

This is made up of a set of pipes among which we find a condenser, a recharging chamber and an evaporator linked together through other pipes in charge of transporting the refrigerant in liquid or gas form.

The evaporator is in charge of precisely evaporating this refrigerant to later transport it to the condenser where it is converted back to liquid, thus dispersing the heat to the outside of the device.

With this, the resistance to the passage of air is reduced by up to 30% , thus achieving a more efficient steam flow so that the maximum heat transfer capacity is increased by up to 100% compared to other conventional refrigeration systems. Similar.

Xiaomi Loop Liquidcool Technology 2
How to cool a device that has been overheated by heat or use
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How to cool a device that has been overheated by heat or use

To put into practice all this theory that we have told you, Xiaomi has decided to show the operation of this system in a modified Xiaomi Mix 4 in which tests have been made with high graphic performance video games such as Genshin Impact .

The result of these tests has been quite surprising: after 30 minutes of gaming running at a maximum stable 60 fps, the system kept the device below a maximum temperature of 47.7 ° C and the processor had a temperature of 8, 6 ° C lower than other similar cooling systems.

Xiaomi Loop Liquidcool Technology 1

In addition, something interesting about this technology is that, thanks to the flexible form factor of the pipes that it incorporates, this allows the Loop LiquidCool technology to be adopted in any type of internal design, thereby achieving greater space for the battery, the camera module and other components.

Undoubtedly, the progress that this new technology brings is evident and, as Xiaomi itself has announced, it is expected that it can be incorporated into the company's own smartphones from the second half of the year 2022.

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The Loop LiquidCool news : this is the technology presented by Xiaomi to avoid heating your terminal was originally published in xiaomist by Daniel Vega .


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