{Disarmed} The latest from Xiaomi are ceiling panels that connect to each other

The latest from Xiaomi are ceiling panels that connect to each other

Xiaomi has a multitude of products in its portfolio . So much so that recently it has even launched a cat toy . This time, it has to do with lighting and home automation.

Beyond enlightenment

Although it may seem like a smart ceiling, these do not have WiFi, but only with Bluetooth . Even so, they have a really interesting system through which they connect with each other and offer a really complete experience, being able to control them through smart speakers and in unison.

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Another of the qualities that attracts attention is that it is adjustable through the smartphone so that you can regulate the different lighting parameters in a simple way. They are LED, so consumption is minimal .

Xiaomi ceiling lamp

They have 4 W of power , so it is designed so that you can place many in the room, in such a way that it is minimalist and elegant.

Youpin: what is it and what does it have to do with Xiaomi
In xiaomist
Youpin: what is it and what does it have to do with Xiaomi

The price of each panel is 39.90 yuan, which is approximately 5.50 euros . What is really economical to be able to fill the house with this type of lamps.

More information | Xiaomi Youpin

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