{Disarmed} If you are a forgetful person, the Mental Notes of your Xiaomi can save your life

If you are a forgetful person, the Mental Notes of your Xiaomi can save your life

I've lived ignoring the 'Notes' app for too long. Notes is the proverbial app pre-installed in MIUI and, like everything that is included as a "gift", it ends up considering bloatware or minor utilities without much application, such as the compass or the flashlight . Tremendous mistake.

This app is essential and, if you know how to integrate it into your daily flow, it will become a tool so that you never forget anything.

What the Notes app offers

Like any writing application, 'Notes' can be used to save ideas on the fly, store fragments of text as iconic phrases or simply serve as a virtual notebook to jot down anything.


One of its virtues lies in its configuration versatility. The 'Notes' app allows you to edit the weight, hierarchy, background color or writing style.

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Of course, these notes can also be created by voice, using the mic icon on our keyboard. You can also create a private note file . By dragging your finger and holding the gesture for a second, you will activate the display of your hidden folder, protected with a password. To hide that note you just have to drag it to said compartment.

The images inserted within the app also have their own editing menu:

  • You can include a description of each note, in addition to its corresponding labeling.
  • If you like to write by hand, the sketches are freehand drawings and within them you can expand and expand the profile, incorporate text, insert images within images, write in a pencil, ink, brush or pen style, of any color.
  • In addition, you can also choose the size of the image within the body of the message, save the image in your gallery, or read its description, to edit its metadata.
  • And if you've accidentally deleted the imported image, just step back from the arrows in the upper right corner.

Another key feature is reminders . We can associate a date with each note. From the 'Reminder' function you can choose a specific day and time for your Xiaomi to tell you "hey, here you have this, take a look" and not forget anything.

Finally, you can place a note on the home screen, very large, hide it, create a reminder with it, move it to another folder or delete it, both in the cloud and in local storage.

However, beyond the obvious, its basic functionalities, this application has been adding new functions, such as 'mental notes'.

What are mental notes


You've probably heard of a technique called "mind palace." It dates back to the 5th century BC, when the poet Simonides of Ceos attended as host and, after being absent briefly, survived a terrible accident: the main hall of the palace of Thessaly collapsed and, with it, all those attending the banquet perished.

In short, Simonides of Ceos was able to remember where the corpse of each person was found by linking each body to a specific location . This fact, the sum of the palace and memory, is used as a mnemonic resource to associate a place with a memory. This order serves, ultimately, to store information in a compartmentalized way and not forget it.

Xiaomi's mental notes are based on a simplified scheme: they are notes built on key diagrams. Each "body of information" can be stored in a sector and schematically, we can group ideas into families, creating subdivisions and others, to finally save the file as an image (png or jpg) or as a document.


You can also choose how to share the file, whether as a text file or as an image. The sharing tools depend on your installed apps.

In our case, we can choose to save them in the gallery, publish it as a status or story on WhatsApp or Instagram, create a task in Asana or Trello with it, add it to a virtual storage such as Dropbox or Google Drive, attach it as an image in an email or in Maps. , turn it into a sketch to draw on, print it to any WiFi-connected printer, turn it into a direct message to post on Twitter or Facebook, and a handful of extra options.

A look at additional Notes features


Within the ' Settings ' section you can choose between four font sizes:

  • Small
  • Median
  • Big
  • Enormous

Below, in the sort order, you can choose computer by creation date or by modification date .

Within the 'Quick functions' section you can program one of the three buttons on your Xiaomi or use the edge of the screen to turn it into a shortcut to write quick notes. If, for example, an idea occurs to you in the middle of a trip, catching a plane or going for a run, with this function you don't need any more interaction or distraction than touching, writing by voice and saving.

The ' Reminders of extracts ' function serves to, as its name suggests, launch a warning every time you copy a URL. A few days ago we told you that Pocket will always be one of the essential apps for those of us who read online. With this notice you have a "snitch" that helps you not to forget anything.

{"videoId":"x85azp7","autoplay":true,"title":"MIUI 13 es INMINENTE esto es TODO lo que SABEMOS"}

The ' High priority reminders ' function will simply play an audible alert, identical to the one that sounds when we receive a message, which will always remain active, even if you have your Xiaomi in 'Silent mode' or 'Do not disturb mode'.

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Finally, within the settings we can also access notes deleted from the cloud and saved in local storage. Conversely, every time we delete a note, the app will ask you if you want to delete both the local file and the copy in the cloud. The 'Notes' application, as you can see, offers a lot more than meets the eye.

Images | Own shots, cover of Unsplash ( Daria Nepriakhina )

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