{Disarmed} How to take photos with the front camera without touching the screen

How to take photos with the front camera without touching the screen

Taking photos with the front camera if you need to touch your smartphone is possible. In fact, you will not need to download any type of application , since Xiaomi's own camera app offers you the possibility to do so .

There are several ways to take pictures with your device's selfie camera without touching it. Let's see the different options that exist.

Show the palm of your hand

Palm of the hand

Some Xiaomi mobiles have recently included an option called " Photo with the palm of the hand " in the camera application. To activate it, you just have to click on the menu located in the upper right part and activate the option.

In this way, when you show the palm of your hand to the camera, it will automatically set a three-second timer so that you can put the pose that you like the most and in a simple way to take the picture.

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The timer is a classic, but it is tremendously useful for taking pictures without touching the mobile. In addition, in the MIUI camera app it is really accessible thanks to the fact that there are different preset times.

Volume down button


Once you have the front camera open, if you press the volume down button, a small timer will be activated and it will take the picture without pressing the button on the screen.

Burst timer


This is the last way that Xiaomi natively has to take pictures with the selfie camera without having to touch the screen. In addition, it is compatible with the option of the palm of the hand that we have discussed previously.

It takes care of taking pictures every few seconds. The preset limit is 30 photos.



If we get into the world of accessories, you will know that there are different devices that connect to the 3.5 mm jack or via Bluetooth to the smartphone and take pictures without touching the mobile .

It is a complement that on many occasions are included even with the different selfie sticks.

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