{Disarmed} How to schedule alerts so that your Xiaomi mobile warns you before running out of data

How to schedule alerts so that your Xiaomi mobile warns you before running out of data

Despite the fact that the data rates offered by companies are becoming more and more generous , the services we use on a day-to-day basis are also more gluttonous, and consume more data from your rate. Especially if we talk about social networks with heavy and high-quality images. Today we show you how you can activate alerts so that your mobile will notify you if you are running out of data.

If you want to make your data last the whole month and not exceed your data rate, it is convenient that you activate these notices . If you have ever exhausted the speed of your mobile data, it may have happened twice, that your operator has started to charge you per mega consumed or, on the contrary, that the speed is so slow that sending a WhatsApp becomes a nightmare.

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These notices will help you, in addition to controlling your rate, to control the use you make of the smartphone connected by data, and may even limit your use instead of by time, by data consumed.

How to make the mobile warn me and not run out of data

Data limit

You must bear in mind that the notice is configured manually, in such a way that you must know the amount of data you have contracted to be able to set the limit and not go overboard. Then you must follow the following steps:

  • Open the " Security " app.
  • Enter the application settings and click on " Data usage "
  • Activate the " Data usage notifications " section
  • Once inside the section, click on " Data plan "
  • In this section we can establish the " Monthly data limit " by adding the amount of data that we have contracted, in addition to indicating at the bottom what day is when our billing period restarts.
With this trick you can prevent any application from connecting to the internet
In xiaomist
With this trick you can prevent any application from connecting to the internet

In this way, you can make your mobile notify you every month in a simple way. Also, keep in mind that the billing cycle changes depending on the customer , so you should also check it on the invoice in order to complete the information.

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