{Disarmed} How to change the profile and key mapping on the Xiaomi Pad Keyboard to Spanish

How to change the profile and key mapping on the Xiaomi Pad Keyboard to Spanish

If you have decided to buy the Xiaomi Pad Keyboard , you have probably noticed that some of the keyboard keys do not write what you put on the key. Today we show you how to adapt your Xiaomi Pad 5 keyboard to Spanish, among other languages.

In itself, the Xiaomi keyboard has a default configuration so that it is compatible as soon as you connect it to the tablet. The difference in this case is that the Pad Keyboard is not designed to reach our market, at least for the moment, that is why it does not include the ñ and the layout of some keys is different .

However, the Xiaomi Pad 5 is capable of recognizing different keyboards , so there is no problem of adding the ñ, albeit virtually.

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How to change the mapping to Spanish

How to change the Xiaomi keyboard to Spanish

Changing the keyboard mapping is quite simple, you just have to follow the following steps:

  • The first thing is to have the keyboard connected to the tablet through the pins.
  • Then you must go to " Settings ".
  • Select the " Stylus and Keyboard " section.
  • Then click on " Keyboard " at the top.
  • Finally, we choose in the " Physical keyboard " section, Xiaomi Pad, then we click " Configure keyboard layouts " and select the " Spanish " option.
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As you can see, it is a very simple process , so making this keyboard compatible with Spanish is very simple. You can venture to buy it without any problem.

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