{Disarmed} Google Pixel Fold: camera setup sounds disappointing, release next year

Google Pixel Fold Concept

New rumors about the possible Google Pixel Fold claim that the camera setup will be a little disappointing. At least the primary sensor looks very familiar and would be a step backwards compared to the Pixel 6 series.

In the Google Camera APK there are new references to a device with the code name "Pipit", which is expected to be the new name for Google's upcoming foldable smartphone. There was also a possible device code-named "Passport".

The code suggests that the Pixel Fold may not use the latest and greatest sensors found in Google's new flagship devices, but instead recycle the same 12.2 MP sensor that has been used since the Pixel 3.

While the cameras weren't necessarily bad, it would be a significant step down from the Pixel 6 phones' 50 MP primary sensor. In addition, the device should have a 12 MP ultra-wide-angle sensor, but a telephoto lens like the Pixel 6 Pro is dispensed with.

The possible Google Pixel Fold is said to have installed the same 8 MP selfie camera from the Pixel 6 on the external and internal display.

9TO5Google suspects the poorer camera specs are likely a design choice to keep the device as thin as possible, as even the best foldable phones tend to be quite thick when folded.

But even with a sensor with a lower resolution, the Pixel Fold can still impress, as it probably contains the tensor chip. Google's computational photography has made previous Pixel phones with the same sensor a real competitor to other phones' higher-resolution cameras, and Tensor could take things one step further.

Another tidbit from the Google Camera APK shows references to "isPixel2022Foldable", which go back to names for earlier Pixel models. Obviously, this means that the foldable device will be released in 2022, and not before the end of the year as previous rumors suggested.


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