{Disarmed} Google Pixel 6 Pro endurance test [video]

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JerryRigEverything in the person of Zack has now got their hands on the new Pixel 6 Pro and is subjecting it to its well-known endurance test. So this means that the device will now be scratched, burned and bent again. Let's see how the latest Google phone fares.

In the short six-minute test, the Pixel 6 Pro is exposed to scratches, a bending test and even flames. The first test is to see what materials are used, which proves that the Pixel 6 Pro's frame is indeed made of metal. Attention is also drawn to the plastic part at the top of the frame which, yes, is made of plastic. As is known, the mmWave 5G antennas are installed there.

In addition, the "lighter test" shows that the LPTO OLED display of the Pixel 6 Pro shows permanent damage after a few seconds and, as expected, the glass display scratches at level 6 on the Mohs hardness scale with deeper scratches at level 7 .

In the bending test, the Pixel 6 Pro survived this without any problems and showed only very little twist. By and large, the Pixel 6 Pro passed the durability test without any problems, as you can see in the video below.

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