{Disarmed} Google begins testing dual SIM feature in Android Auto

Google begins testing dual SIM feature in Android Auto

Android Auto is one of the most popular systems. This is responsible for adapting the interface of your smartphone to that of the car, in order to be able to perform quick actions so that you do not have to take your eyes off the wheel. Now, Android Auto has listened to users and now has integrated support for dual SIM smartphones.

Android Auto tests Dual SIM function

Having two phone numbers is quite common in the business world. Until now, Android Auto chose the default SIM card to make calls , which is a nuisance for people who wanted to call a contact with the SIM that they did not have as default.

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Apparently, Google has included this possibility in beta 7.1.614554, so it has not yet reached the final version of the app, although it is very likely to happen.

The main disadvantage is that this function has certain limitations, such as having to choose the SIM card by touching the screen, without the possibility of doing it by voice . It also does not work with eSIM and some cards from some companies, so it is a system that has just been introduced and that the big G is polishing. When you get to the final version, you surely won't get these kinds of limitations.

Dual SIM Android Auto

Anyway, this is very good news, since Android Auto is compatible with a multitude of cars . In fact, it may even be compatible with future Xiaomi cars.

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In xiaomist
Android Auto disappears and the Google Assistant takes control with a new interface

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