Crazy China Cell Phone: Who Needs So Many Cameras?

Crazy China Cell Phone: Who Needs So Many Cameras?

If Vivo has its way, our cell phones do not yet have enough cameras. The next smartphone, the Vivo Nex 5, is said to have a total of seven cameras. One of them should even become invisible.

Vivo Nex 5: camera phone with seven lenses planned

The Nokia 9 PureView from 2019 with its six cameras can pack: With the Nex 5, Vivo wants to bring a mobile phone to the market that has a total of seven lenses . Six cameras can be found on the back, plus a very special selfie camera. Two of the sensors should allow images with up to 50 MP and will be produced in cooperation with Zeiss.

While hardly any further information has come to light on the back of the six-pack of cameras, it looks a little different with the camera on the front. It would seem that Vivo would like to opt for an under-display camera that can hardly be seen or not at all in everyday life. Only when a selfie is taken does the camera show itself. Images should be possible with up to 32 MP (source: GizChina).

While the basic idea behind the sub-display camera is certainly interesting, previous solutions such as the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 were not convincing.

An invisible selfie camera is also used on the Xiaomi Mix 4. Details in the video :

Vivos next top phone with Snapdragon 898

According to rumors, the Vivo Nex 5 is said to have an AMOLED display with a diagonal of 6.78 inches that is rounded on the sides and has a 2K resolution. In addition, there is a fast refresh rate of 120 Hertz . Another highlight should be the battery, which according to initial reports has a capacity of 4,500 mAh and can be recharged with 66 watts. 40 watts should be possible wirelessly. The upcoming Snapdragon 898 top processor will provide the necessary performance.


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