Corona warning app now exposes black sheep

Corona warning app now exposes black sheep

The Corona warning app is a good way of informing contacts if you have been infected with the corona virus. Over time, however, the app has received many more functions. Now the team is cleaning up and exposing people who are traveling with fake vaccination certificates.

Corona warning app detects fake vaccination certificates

Especially at the beginning of the issuing of the digital vaccination certificates, there were some pharmacies that issued forged documents. The Corona-Warn-App-Team addresses this problem in the latest update in version 2.13.3 for Android and 2.13.2 for iOS . Anyone who has installed the update and read in a forged vaccination certificate will no longer be able to use it. It will be marked as invalid and can then no longer be presented as evidence.

The invalid vaccination certificate then looks like this in the Corona warning app:

The developers of the Corona warning app expressly point out that this can also affect people who have received a valid vaccination . In principle, all vaccination certificates issued by certain pharmacies have been declared invalid. So check the Corona warning app to see if your pharmacy was one of the black sheep.

If your vaccination certificate in the Corona warning app is invalid even though you are fully vaccinated, you can of course go to a pharmacy with your vaccination certificate, have a new vaccination certificate issued there and save it in the Corona warning app. This will of course be shown as valid. All others who have not been vaccinated or have received vaccination certificates with false papers will be filtered out.

The number of infections is rising again. In the video we show you how you can protect yourself:

Corona warning app can read Luca QR codes

The Corona warning app recently received a very important update. Now QR codes of the Luca app can also be scanned in with the Corona warning app for check-in. We have summarized the advantages of this in this article.


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