Corona warning app: Function activated from Luca app

Corona warning app: Function activated from Luca app

The corona warning app is becoming very important again in view of the massively increasing corona numbers. Now the app has been given an important update that introduces a feature that we wanted months ago. The Luca app is almost superfluous.

Corona warning app can read Luca QR codes

Anyone who goes to a pub usually has to scan a QR code there, which allows tracking. Often it is a QR code for the Luca app. The problem is that the Luca app is not really known for data protection and, for example, shares personal data with the health department in order to facilitate tracking. Those who did not want to use the Luca app for data protection reasons were often lost. That changes with the new version of the Corona warning app .

If you install the latest version of the Corona warning app, you can now scan the Luca QR codes and check in . Nothing changes in terms of data protection. The contact details are not shared with the health department in the event of an infection, so there is no need to worry here. As before, you will only be informed anonymously in the Corona warning app that you have been near an infected person and should be tested.

So basically nothing changes in the anonymity of the Corona warning app, the QR codes can now simply only be used. It is important that the Luca QR codes have been created after May 25, 2021 . So if the Corona warning app does not work somewhere, you can make the owners of the location aware that the QR code may be renewed so that more people can use the Corona warning app.

In the video we tell you how you should behave best at the moment:

Does the Luca app still have to be installed?

The developers of the Corona warning app have shared a lot of information on this page. There it is explained in detail why the Corona warning app can now scan the Luca QR codes and that nothing changes in the raison d'ĂȘtre of the two applications. In order to be able to scan Luca QR codes via the Corona warning app, the Luca app does not have to be installed.


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