China smartphone creates enthusiasm with a brilliant idea

China smartphone creates enthusiasm with a brilliant idea

Smartphones are becoming more and more powerful from year to year. With the camera in particular, you can achieve better and better quality with larger sensors. However, the sensors need space in the thin smartphones. Camera humps are the result that Oppo now wants to use sensibly.

Oppo turns the camera hump into a notification LED

Almost every modern smartphone has it: the camera hump. A survey on the back of the smartphone, which contains the camera sensors and is visually clearly different. Oppo tried to visually smooth out the camera hump on the Find X3 Pro, but it now sticks out of the case. So why not use it for a useful function ? This is exactly what should happen with the Oppo Reno 7:

In the upcoming Oppo Reno 7, the camera hump is still clearly sticking out of the case and looks huge at first because large camera sensors are built into this smartphone, but the Chinese company simply turns it into a large notification LED . This not only helps the optics in general, but is also really useful.

Such a function has not existed before. If a notification LED is missing, software is usually used to turn the area around the punch hole camera into a notification LED. But this solution is of course much more elegant, because you use an existing disadvantage and turn it into a positive property .

In the video , Oppo shows the first truly invisible sub-display camera:

Oppo Reno 7 will be unveiled soon

At least in China, the new Oppo Reno 7 will be officially presented on November 25th. Then at the latest we will find out all the details about the smartphone. The Reno 6 5G for Germany was recently announced. So we're a generation back, but we're already looking forward to the day when the Reno 7 will find its way to us with the notification LED in the camera hump.


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