Cheap Android smartphones: Samsung is no longer considerate

Cheap Android smartphones: Samsung is no longer considerate

Samsung has recently made some decisions about its high-end smartphones that many customers cannot understand. But it doesn't stop there, because now the middle class is also affecting Android smartphones, which are responsible for Samsung's success and are significantly cheaper.

Samsung Galaxy A33 has to do without a 3.5 mm jack connector

Only a few days ago we learned that Samsung was removing the 3.5 mm jack connector from the Galaxy A53. Nobody expected that at the time, because such features are hard to imagine , especially in the middle class . That seems to be the new way, because it has now been announced that the Galaxy A33 will also have to do without it:

Again, based on CAD drawings from production, a 3D render was created that should show the final design of the upcoming Galaxy A33. With the revised design, the smartphone fits in much better with the A series and now looks like a smartphone that belongs to it. Unfortunately, this also confirms that the 3.5 mm jack connection is history. So you could actually assume that this will also be omitted with the Galaxy A73.

Much technical data about the Samsung Galaxy A33 are not yet known. It is clear that the smartphone is equipped with a 5,000 mAh battery , which should ensure a long runtime. In addition, a 5G modem should be installed. What the individual camera sensors do in detail remains open.

In the video you can see what is possible with Android 12 on Samsung smartphones:

How far is Samsung going with mid-range smartphones?

The omission of the 3.5 mm jack connection in the middle class is of course a loss for Samsung smartphones. One has to wonder what Samsung is now removing. Does the power supply fly out of the scope of delivery? Samsung is now trusted to do everything. Xiaomi can be happy . The Chinese company is not artificially cropping its smartphones and that should further fuel the rise. Especially if Samsung continues to make such decisions.


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