Black Friday at Xiaomi: Smartphones, TVs and more cheaper

Black Friday at Xiaomi: Smartphones, TVs and more cheaper

Black Friday 2021 has started and Xiaomi is of course also participating in the campaign. There are many offers for a short time. This includes not only smartphones, but also televisions, accessories and smart home products.

Xiaomi offers for Black Friday 2021

Black Friday marked the start of deal day of the year and Xiaomi's offers are very promising . There are various products with huge discounts until November 28th. You can find all offers on this special page from Xiaomi (view on Xiaomi).

In addition, other retailers also have offers in their range. Xiaomi is not always the cheapest provider. That's why we made the price comparison.

Below we name you the best Xiaomi offers:

Xiaomi 11 Lite 5G NE : The Xiaomi 11 Lite 5G NE has just been introduced and is sold directly by the manufacturer for 349.90 euros (check it out on Xiaomi). The offer is not worth it, however, because the mobile phone is available from MediaMarkt for only 299 euros (see MediaMarkt). Xiaomi 11T 5G: Xiaomi sells the 11T 5G in white with 128 GB for a price of only 449.90 euros (take a look at Xiaomi). If you want a different color with 256 GB of internal memory, you should access Amazon for 499.90 euros (see Amazon). Redmi Note 10S: The mid-range mobile phone Redmi Note 10S with 128 GB is sold at Xiaomi for only 229.90 euros (see at Xiaomi). Current best price. Xiaomi TV Q1E: The new QLED TV from Xiaomi with a 55-inch display normally costs 799 euros and will be sold on November 26 for only 649 euros (watch it on Xiaomi). Xiaomi Smart TV P1E 43 inches : New entry-level TV from Xiaomi, which is currently being sold on Amazon for only 299 euros (see on Amazon). Xiaomi itself wants to have 349 euros despite the discount (take a look at Xiaomi). Xiaomi Smart TV P1E 55 inches: If 43 inches are too small for you, the 55-inch model is available from Amazon for only 399 euros (see Amazon). Again, Xiaomi wants to have 50 euros more despite the Black Friday offer (see Xiaomi). Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier 3C: The air purifier from Xiaomi is only available for 79 euros ( check it out on Xiaomi). Lidl sells it for the same price (see Lidl). You can save shipping costs with the code BW. Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter: At Amazon there is the Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter with street legal approval for Germany at a price of only 349 instead of 449 euros (see at Amazon).

The new Xiaomi 11T presented in the video :

Xiaomi offers on Black Friday 2021 and after

These are all pretty good offers. We keep the article up to date so that you can get the best deals on Black Friday and beyond.


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