Black Friday (2021) at Apple: Don t miss the best deals and offers

Black Friday (2021) at Apple: Don t miss the best deals and offers

Apple users are used to higher prices and speculate most of all on massive discounts on iPhone, iPad, Mac and Co. on Black Friday. But are they really available from the manufacturer or should you look elsewhere? We now reveal what to expect.

When will Black Friday 2021 take place?

First we will clarify the question: When does Black Friday start? This time the fourth Friday in November falls on November 26th, 2021. Although this date marks the actual "Black Friday", retailers and manufacturers have long been interpreting this quite loosely. Accordingly, offers must be expected in advance and also afterwards. In short: The hot phase will start on November 15th at the latest and should last until December 5th. Ergo: Please don't just focus on November 26th, otherwise you could miss out on hot deals.

What's up at Apple and retailers on Black Friday?

Apple itself is one of the pioneers of the so-called "Black Friday" in Germany, after all, this beautiful, original American tradition was brought across the pond and started in 2006 with the discount battle in this country for the first time. In the meantime, however, the manufacturer is rather cautious and in recent years has increasingly only added gift cards to the hardware and has held back with direct discounts.

But there are still the dealers. They are much more generous and tend to buy real bargains. You will probably be able to save on established and readily available products. New and scarce goods, on the other hand, will not be discounted. For example, we are already making the following offers at Amazon:

Apple AirPods 2nd generation for only 124 euros instead of 149 euros (view at Amazon) AirPods Max for only 445.04 euros instead of 612.70 euros (view at Amazon) Apple AirTag 4-pack for only 97.23 euros instead of 119 euros (at View Amazon) MacBook Air with Apple M1 chip for only 957.96 euros instead of 1,129 euros (view at Amazon)

A little history in the video :

Which products could be discounted?

But what's even cheaper on Black Friday? With a little luck, we will get smaller discounts for the iPhone 13 mini, as it is relatively readily available. But we wouldn't expect any discounts on the normal iPhone 13 or even on the Pro models. The same applies to the new MacBook Pro. All these products are extremely poorly available, neither Apple nor the dealers are interested in selling them at a lower price at the moment. If we had to guess, we'd expect discounts on the following Apple products:

iPad Air iPad Pro MacBook Air and MacBook Pro (models from 2020) iMac 27 inch (old Intel version) Mac mini iPhone 12, 11 and SE Apple Watch Series 3 and SE

So if you want to save on Apple products on Black Friday, you have to be willing to compromise. If you speculate on the latest products , you get nothing , older devices, on the other hand, will be cheaper, especially in the free trade. At Apple itself, on the other hand, shopping is not really worthwhile.


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