Black Friday (2021) at Aldi: Popular discounter starts earlier

Black Friday (2021) at Aldi: Popular discounter starts earlier

Last year, Aldi did not negate Black Friday and surprised with one or the other savings offer. This year, too, you will be there and even start online earlier in the shared online shop of Aldi Nord and Süd.

Update from November 15, 2021: Now it becomes clear how Aldi starts Black Friday 2021. It starts the day before on November 25th, 2021 with "Black Shopping Thursday" - but this only applies to the shared online shop of Aldi Nord and Süd. In the prospectus, there are not many interesting pieces of furniture and the like to marvel at, but there is more online, for example:

Medion AKOYA Notebook E15308 (15.6 inches) with Windows 11 for only 329 euros (see at Aldi) Medion TV with 65 inches for only 599 euros (see at Aldi) Medion high-end gaming PC Engineer X10 with NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070 for only 1,599 euros (see Aldi)

For the actual Black Friday on November 26, 2021, there will be the so-called "Black Shopping Friday" in the local branches and only there. The offers could differ slightly here. But what both discounters offer are the two excellent grills from Tefal:

Tefal OptiGrill GC705D for only 87.99 instead of 249.99 euros - rated Good (2.2) by Stiftung Warentest and currently available on Amazon for 92 euros (see Amazon). Tefal Raclettte & Grill RE4588 for only 49.99 euros instead of 129.99 euros - also rated Good (2.5) by Stiftung Warentest and currently available on Amazon for 69.99 euros (see Amazon).

Original article:

In recent years there has been no Black Friday for Aldi - neither north nor south, the discounter is always cheap, that's probably the thought. But in the last year one could no longer escape the commercial phenomenon and just went along with it.

Black Friday at Aldi: The discounter has not yet revealed anything

For example, there were cheap AirPods from Apple, the fitness band bestseller from Xiaomi, a vacuum cleaner, a grill from Tefal and much more. Aldi is currently not yet revealing what it will delight its customers with in 2021. But it is important to know: Aldi Süd and Aldi Nord have been playing online for some time on the same meadow , so they run a single online shop together. It will be the same on Black Friday.

Speaking of which: it will officially take place on November 26th . You will have to be surprised whether Aldi will also start its offers on that day or whether it will start a little earlier. Either way, there is already one or the other exciting campaign in the run-up to the next few days and weeks. We have selected some of them - all of which are also available online:

from 11/11/2021: Medion 75-inch TV for only 799 euros (view at Aldi) from 11/11/2021: Lenovo Smart Tab M8 for only 129 euros (view at Aldi)

The huge Aldi TV in the video :

from 18.11.2021: UV air purifier CA-510Pro for only 399 euros instead of 429 euros (view at Aldi) from 18.11.2021: Kenwood digital radio CR-ST80DAB for only 99.99 euros instead of 149 euros (view at Aldi)

Amazon is already making an early start

If you don't want to wait that long, we recommend that you take a look at the early Black Friday offers on Amazon. The well-known online retailer is impatient and is already selling a lot of promotional goods (see Amazon). Aldi takes a little more time.


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