Beware of the update: macOS Monterey is mutating into a RAM eater

Beware of the update: macOS Monterey is mutating into a RAM eater

macOS 12 aka Monterey is here and the first problems are not long in coming. Users report memory leaks in various system apps. The Firefox browser also indulges in an unnaturally large amount of RAM. There is no remedy in sight.

macOS 12: Memory leaks cause problems

With macOS Monterey, Apple recently released the twelfth version of its operating system for Macs. The update is a total of 12.1 GB. As it now turns out, new records are being set in terms of memory consumption - albeit unintentionally. Some users are already complaining about memory leaks, in which apps take up a lot more RAM than is actually intended.

System programs in particular are affected by the memory leak, as can be read in various forums as well as on Reddit and Twitter. The macOS control center is said to occupy so much memory that the system defends itself with an error message. Users report 10 to 20 GB of RAM used by the control center alone (source: MacRumors).

Third-party apps are also affected. The Firefox browser, which is not considered to be particularly economical in terms of memory anyway, is said to want to incorporate up to 80 GB of RAM . Even the new Macbook Pro with the M1-Max chip and their 64 GB of RAM can no longer keep up. The Apple browser Safari is also extremely memory-hungry under macOS 12.

In the video : macOS 12 offers new functions.

Memory leak in macOS Monterey: no remedy in sight

Users currently have no choice but to close the affected apps and hope that the problem does not recur the next time they are started. Apple is already working on macOS 12.1 and has presented a first beta version. Time will tell whether this will eliminate the memory leaks. If you want to be absolutely sure, you shouldn't install the update for the time being.


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