Before Black Friday: Dust off the popular Photoshop alternative at a great price

Before Black Friday: Dust off the popular Photoshop alternative at a great price

Serif is lowering prices for all products in the Affinity series ahead of Black Friday. Image processing, graphic work and publishing at profile level are no problem with the programs of the Photoshop competitor. A look at the current offer is particularly worthwhile for beginners.

Affinity and Co .: Serif reduces the entire range by 30 percent

One or the other in the home office will be happy, as well as everyone who has to do with image editing, professionally or privately: With Affinity Photo, one of the more powerful Photoshop competitors is already available in an attractive offer suitable for Black Week.

As part of the Black Friday sale, manufacturer Serif is giving a 30 percent discount on all products in the Affinity range. This applies to Photoshop competitor Affinity Photo, which has won the Apple Design Awards among others, as well as to Affinity Designer and Affinity Publisher, the graphic and print production programs. All three are now available for 37.99 euros instead of 54.99 euros (check out Serif).

The Affinity Suite from Serif can do that

Affinity Photo offers users image editing at profile level. All common standard formats are supported, even extremely large image files over 100 MP can be processed according to the product page. Due to the similar layout to the market leader, interested parties who are familiar with Photoshop should not find it difficult to switch . In addition, some Photoshop plug-ins are compatible via the integrated interface.

With the Affinity Designer, Serif offers the associated graphics tool, while users in the Affinity Publisher can create print products from books to brochures. In addition, the current Affinity Suite is optimized for Apple's new M1 chip.

The programs of the Affinity series are also available for Windows computers, as well as for the iPad. There is even a 50 percent discount here, you can get the iPad versions of Affinity Photo (see Serif) and Affinity Designer (see Serif) for 9.99 euros each.

What you need to know about Black Friday, you can find out in the video :

Anyone who wants to try their hand at professional image processing for the first time or who would like to take their previous knowledge to the next level can also benefit from the same discount for the associated manuals. All add-ons available via Serif are also reduced by 30 percent in the Affinity Store (check out Serif).


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