Apple s electric car: realistic design shows what is possible

Apple s electric car: realistic design shows what is possible

It's no longer a mystery: Apple has been working on its own electric car for some time. Quite a riddle: what will it look like in the end? A first realistic draft shows more than just an imaginative concept. Many of the details are based on Apple's research.

Although Apple's work on their own electric car is known, in the end there are many things that are not yet known. Above all, the possible design remains completely in the dark. A very clear 3D model now sheds some light on this mystery; it shows both a potential exterior and the interior of the electric car (source: Vanarama).

Apple's first electric car: the slightly different SUV

The special thing about it : Although the design is very imaginative, many of the details shown are based on existing Apple patents . According to ideas that the iPhone manufacturer is really working on or at least considering. In general, the creators of the design opted for an SUV design. This is not surprising, as it is the form factor for e-cars that is still in the focus of all manufacturers and customers. With a very high probability, Apple's e-car should therefore also appear as a higher-ranking vehicle. Sometime in the years 2024 or 2025, nobody knows for sure.

Design based on Apple's patents

But back to the patents that have been visualized. For example:

The pillar-free design of the glass cover , which includes the windows, sunroof and windshield, is based on patent number US10384519B1. Nowhere else is there such an undisturbed panoramic view. The adaptive doors are also based on a patent (number: US10384519B1). The solution, also known in this country as "suicide doors", offers considerably more space for getting in and out. However, elements such as the Mac Pro-like mesh grill on the front, a soft white chassis and retractable door handles in the "iPhone design" originate entirely from the imagination of the creators. Inside the e-car, the concept also makes use of one or more patents. Above all, the large, continuous touch display , which extends over the entire dashboard, catches the eye (patent: US20200214148A1).

The upcoming Tesla R ( in the video ) looks a bit different, but is likely to be less practical:

Certainly, this design is also just a fantasy in the end. Nevertheless, this seems like the first really realistic concept for the Apple Car that has been seen so far and is therefore more than just a crazy design. The design may polarize, but it is fully in line with the trend in the industry. Ergo: It could actually be like this or something like that.


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