Apple puts iMac cold: There are no longer any cheap entry-level models

Apple puts iMac cold: There are no longer any cheap entry-level models

Apple happily continues with the restructuring of the Mac product portfolio. Now the iPhone manufacturer has quietly withdrawn the cheapest iMac model to date. But there is still no real alternative. So it becomes more expensive for customers.

In the spring, Apple introduced the current iMac with a 24-inch display and an M1 chip, the successor to the previous Intel models with a 21.5-inch display, but there was still a variant for strategic reasons alone to buy with an Intel processor as an entry-level model . From now on there are no more. According to the current state of knowledge, the discontinuation took place without much fuss in the last days of October (source: 9to5Mac).

Smallest iMac only with M1 chip, Intel model is finally thrown out

So far, customers have been able to purchase this model at the official recommended price of 1,249 euros. For the cheapest iMac with an M1 chip, Apple would like to have at least 1,449 euros - 200 euros more. As of now, this is the cheapest entry into the world of the iMac. So it gets more expensive for potential buyers , even though they get better technology for the money. Last but not least, there is a good deal of future security with the M1 model.

Price-conscious buyers will no longer have to avoid the model with the M1 chip. What do you get with him? In the video you get the necessary information:

If you are still interested in the now discontinued Intel variant, you can look around in the free trade. There are still remaining items that are also cheaper than at Apple. For example, we currently only pay € 1,121.25 at Amazon (see Amazon). Important to know: For the cheapest model with the M1 chip, the retailer is currently charging 1,339 euros (see Amazon).

Apple's plans for the next year

But even if Apple is now tossing this model out, it is not yet the last iMac with an Intel chip on offer from Apple. If you really want to buy a version with a larger 27-inch display (5K), you can still only get one with an Intel CPU. Not until next year, according to current rumors, will Apple finally replace this large iMac with a new model .


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