Apple manager shoots against Android: Millions of attacks could be avoided

Apple manager shoots against Android: Millions of attacks could be avoided

Apple's software boss has clearly spoken out against Android. Millions of malware attacks by criminals are easy to stop, says Craig Federighi. iPhone users, on the other hand, are much more protected with iOS. There is a very simple reason for this.

Apple: Google is to blame for Android attacks

If Apple's software boss Craig Federighi has its way, then Google has created the problem itself with malware attacks . According to him, the sideloading of apps is responsible for a large number of the attacks. Sideloading is not supported on iOS; instead, all apps must be installed via the Apple App Store. Android is much more open in this area and allows apps from other sources.

"Sideloading is cyber criminals' best friend. Requiring this feature on the iPhone would be like a gold rush for the malware industry, "explained Federighi at the Web Summit 2021. Unlike iOS, Android would have to deal with " five million attacks per month " that could easily be avoided ( Source: The Verge).

Federighi, who heads Apple's iOS and macOS software departments, also railed against the Digital Markets Act proposed by the European Commission. Should this be passed, then Apple would be forced to allow users to install apps outside the app store.

In the video : Regardless of whether it is the App Store or the Play Store, these apps belong on every mobile phone.

Apple: Protection against malware more important than opening

Sideloading is still prohibited on iPhones. The problem, according to Federighi, is that "criminals are clever and very good at hiding". Even well-informed users would fall for misleading websites or even install fake app stores on their mobile phones. Data protection would also suffer if apps from other sources were allowed.


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