Apple makes customers fidget: You can t buy a new Beats Fit Pro

Apple makes customers fidget: You can t buy a new Beats Fit Pro

What then, new headphones again? This time, however, Apple is keeping its customers waiting, because in this country you can't even buy the new "Beats Fit Pro". Only Americans have this privilege.

Apple recently introduced new headphones with the 3rd generation AirPods, but the subsidiary brand Beats also has something new to offer. Kim Kardashian had already been caught with the Beats Fit Pro - a calculated PR measure, obviously. Now Apple is officially making the new earbuds and is disappointing international customers right away.

Apple introduces the new Beats Fit Pro: Europe is left with nothing at first

The Beats Fit Pro will initially be available for $ 199.99 in the US alone , and then in China at the beginning of December. The rest of the world won't get the headphones until the New Year (source: Beats). When exactly? As the owner of Beats, Apple is still keeping a low profile, probably also depends on the general supply situation - keyword: chip crisis. Accordingly, there is currently no price for the European market. According to the current exchange rate plus VAT, we would have to reckon with around 205 euros.

Speaking of chips: In contrast to the Beats Studio Buds presented earlier this year, Apple has given the Fit Pro an original Apple H1 chip . In addition to noise suppression (ANC), there is also the support of Spatial Audio (marketed as 3D audio in Germany). The special thing about the new beats are the small wings for a better hold. Customers can also choose between different ear tips for an optimal fit. We can find out more about the design of the new headphones in the following video:

Furthermore, the Beats Fit Pro are certified according to IPX4, so they can also sweat and co. The small earbuds should run for 6 hours in one go, in the charging case there is still a "supply" of 21 hours, which makes a total runtime of 27 hours .

Apple actively addresses Android users

Good to know: In contrast to the AirPods, Apple also aggressively markets the Beats headphones to Android users. Extras are waiting for these customers, because the Beats app for Android gives them additional functions such as one-touch pairing, user-defined controls, battery status, firmware updates and a fit test. It helps to find the best sound and the best fit for your earphones.

At the same time as the introduction of the new headphones, Apple is taking several older models out of the range . As of now, the Powerbeats, Beats Solo and Beats EP are no longer available. Remaining items in the free trade should of course still be found.


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