Apple is bursting with joy: MacBooks set a new record

Apple is bursting with joy: MacBooks set a new record

The Mac continues to enjoy great popularity among the classic Apple products. Now the MacBooks in particular are setting a new sales record - something like this has never been seen before.

Apple is now keeping specific quantities under lock and key, only communicating sales and profit figures in the quarterly results. That's why there are market research companies. They tell us how many Macs, iPhones and Co. are actually sold. Now here are the latest numbers for the MacBooks.

MacBooks set a new sales record

In the third quarter of 2021 (July to September), Apple was able to sell 6.5 million MacBooks - a new record and an all-time high (source: Strategy Analytics). The MacBook Air in particular turned out to be a true bestseller in the range and is what drives Apple's current success. Apple achieved a growth of 10 percent year-on-year and also claimed 10 percent of the notebook market.

Finally official and following in the video - the new MacBook Pro:

A positive result, but it is "only" enough for fourth place . Lenovo, HP and Dell are in first to third place, ahead of Apple. The iPhone manufacturer still cannot break the general supremacy of Windows. After all: Apple is growing slightly faster than the entire notebook market, which is an increase of only 8 percent.

Apple's delivery problems in the Christmas quarter

Although the numbers for the industry look good, things could look even better, according to the experts at Strategy Analytics. The cause: the global shortage of chips, which has probably already taken its toll in the last few months. This continues and will make the important Christmas quarter more difficult for Apple as well.

The successor to the current bestseller will be coming next year - this is what it should look like:

This is clear from the long delivery times for the new MacBook Pro models. Anyone who orders from the Apple Online Store now has to wait a month or more for delivery . So Apple will not be able to sell as many laptops this year as it would like.


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