Apple in the capital: the secret is now out

Apple in the capital: the secret is now out

It was speculated for a long time, now Apple is officially revealing the secret and is committed to the second Apple Store in Berlin. It is currently being created and will soon be able to open its doors. Apple is already swearing fans with matching "gifts".

The Apple Store on Kurfürstendamm will soon receive support. As Apple is now officially announcing, they are currently building a second shop for the federal capital in Rosenthaler Strasse opposite the Hackesche Höfe (source: Apple).

Apple donated a second store to Berlin

If you don't know where to go, the new store will be centrally located in Berlin Mitte . In the announcement, Apple also explicitly emphasizes this fact, as one writes:

"Our new store in Berlin Mitte will be there for you soon. Here, where everyone has a creative construction site, we support everyone who implements their ideas, tries something new or starts from scratch. Because everything is possible in Mitte. And that's exactly why we're here. "

A specific opening date has not yet been announced, but before that December 2nd was brought into play in insider circles. The chances are at least very good for a launch this year - just in time for the Christmas business. In order to shorten the waiting time, the iPhone manufacturer is delighting its fans with the right wallpaper - free to download for iPhone, iPad and Mac (see Apple).

The first Apple Store in Berlin was opened in 2013, xiaomist was there:

Store opening in times of Corona

As nice as the imminent opening of the new Apple Store is for the manufacturer, the upcoming date comes at an inopportune time. The corona incidences are increasing nationwide and with it the tightening of various rules.

Berlin still does not require 2G or 3G proof for retailers, only a mask requirement and a corresponding hygiene concept apply - limited number of visitors in the store and compliance with the distance rules. But if the situation continues to worsen , this may well change , as can be seen from the current example of Saxony. Not ideal conditions for a store opening.


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