Apple AirTags in falling prices: The practical gift idea is cheaper

Apple AirTags in falling prices: The practical gift idea is cheaper

Apple's AirTags have been available for a few months now. How have prices changed in the meantime? In any case, it will be cheaper than directly from Apple. We took a look at the drop in prices for the practical gift idea.

Apple's little "key finders" are not only incredibly practical, but also an ideal gift idea this year - either individually or in an inexpensive pack of four. But how much do we currently have to pay for it?

Apple AirTags: Current price situation

It's always cheaper than Apple. For example, we pay a little more than 28 euros for a single AirTag ( check out cheaper notebooks), Apple itself would like 35 euros. Bargain hunters of course go straight to the cheaper multipack, so we currently pay just under 95 euros for four pieces, around 23.75 euros each (see cheaper notebooks). We can get the pack for just under 93 euros from rather unknown retailers. Apple itself, in turn, charges 119 euros, which corresponds to a unit price of 29.75.

At Amazon, too, it is cheaper and only slightly more expensive than the best offer on the market - currently 96.26 euros for the four-pack (see at Amazon).

If we take a closer look at the trend, we have noticed a noticeable drop in prices since August at the latest. Will it still last? We wouldn't bet on it. Certainly, there will be occasional outliers, but stability seems to have prevailed since October.

What are the AirTags good for?

In any case, customers are impressed by Apple's AirTags, awarding an average of 4.5 out of 5 stars on Amazon , for example, with well over 5,000 ratings. For those who are at home in the Apple world, the tags are an inexpensive addition. Particularly interesting: the numerous accessories available. Aside from various trailers, holding solutions for bicycles also catch the eye (view on Amazon). In case of doubt, this means that a stolen bike can be tracked and found worldwide if the AirTag has been well hidden.


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