Android smartphones: New technology will change the way many devices are used

Android smartphones: New technology will change the way many devices are used

Android smartphones are getting better every year. For some technologies, however, manufacturers rely on companies to advance them. Qualcomm is this company for many smartphones and is now set to take a big step forward in charging technology.

Qualcomm wants to charge Android smartphones with 150 watts

Fast charging technologies are now standard, especially in Chinese smartphones. Up to 120 watts is almost normal. Often these are in-house developments, so that a special power supply unit is required in order to be able to exploit the full potential. Quick Charge is a Qualcomm standard that doesn't keep up - until now.

According to a Chinese source (check it out at Weibo), Qualcomm will introduce the 5th generation of Quick Charge with the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 (previously known as Snapdragon 898). It should be able to charge smartphones with up to 150 watts. A smartphone should go from 0 to 100 percent in just 10 minutes . The size of the battery hardly makes a difference because the charging speed is so high.

Qualcomm uses dual charge technology, where two smaller batteries are charged particularly quickly at the same time . Such fast charging technology completely changes the use of a smartphone. I recently experienced this in the test with the Xiaomi 11T Pro with 120 watt charging technology. 5 minutes to the power supply and you have energy for hours. Charging overnight is history.

In the video we introduce you to the Xiaomi 11T Pro with 120 watt charging technology:

Qualcomm offers technology to other smartphone manufacturers

The big advantage of developing Quick Charge 5 is that Qualcomm makes this technology available to its partners. If a Snapdragon processor is installed, you can also access Quick Charge 5. So in the future you can expect that significantly more Android smartphones will charge much faster .


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