Android and iOS united: Loud demand for a common app store

Android and iOS united: Loud demand for a common app store

If the boss of Epic Games has its way, then Google and Apple should rather maintain a joint app store for Android and iOS. This is the only way to break the "dangerous duopoly", says the CEO. But his demands go even further.

Epic boss: One app store for all platforms is sufficient

Tim Sweeney, founder and head of Epic Games, has long been at war with Apple and Google. After an extensive lawsuit, in which Epic Games was only partially able to assert itself, a far greater demand now follows: Google and Apple should not be allowed to rely on different app stores, but should be forced to operate a single app store . The Epic CEO promises an end to the "dangerous duopoly" (source: Bloomberg).

According to Sweeney, Google and Apple are in such a dominant position that other players in the market have no chance of overtaking them: "Apple ties a billion users to one store and one payment processor," he says. A single store that is as independent as possible could break market power.

Not only Google and Apple, but ideally also other heavyweights such as Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo should also be forced to open up and later centralize, the Epic CEO hopes: "What the world really needs now is a single shop that shares everything Platforms works. "

In the video : Whether Android or iOS, these apps belong on every smartphone.

Epic: Apple's concessions don't go far enough

The background for Sweeney's statements is not only the legal dispute with Apple and Google, but also new legislation in South Korea. There Apple has now been forced to partially open the app store. External payment options from third-party providers are no longer allowed to be prevented by Apple in South Korea. However, according to Sweeney, the concessions do not go far enough.


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