Android 12: Google must remove "illegal" feature

Android 12: Google must remove

With Android 12, Google introduced a whole range of new features and revised existing ones. However, one function had to be withdrawn - apparently because of a legal dispute. Owners of a Google Chromecast are left behind. The feature could make a comeback though.

Android 12: Google has to remove Chromecast function

Android 12 is already available on the first mobile phones and will continue to be distributed in the coming months. As it now turns out, Google had to back down on one function. Quasi at the last minute, the decision was made against a Chromecast function for controlling the volume on Android 12. This was still to be found in the second beta version of Android 12, but not later.

At first it was assumed that it could simply be a mistake. However, a Google employee later confirmed that the cast controls were "intentionally not displayed " (source: Android Central). With the fifth beta version of Android 12, it should supposedly return again. But nothing came of it. The volume controls for Chromecast sessions appear in the audio settings of the final version of Android 12, but are grayed out there.

In the video : That has all changed with Android 12.

The problem could have something to do with Google's patent dispute with Sonos . However, this has not yet been officially confirmed. Google had to find out how vigorously Sonos is proceeding a few months ago when a sales ban on several Google products was obtained in Germany. Sonos has long accused Google of infringing patents.

Easy Chromecast control again on Android 12L?

Google is currently assuming that it will soon be able to offer the Chromecast function for controlling the volume again. The feature could therefore be found again with Android 12L . Publication is planned for early 2022.


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