Amazon Prime Video: A dream for Mac users has come true

Amazon Prime Video: A dream for Mac users has come true

For Apple users who own a Mac, a long-cherished dream is finally coming true - Amazon Prime Video is getting its own app on the Mac! Travelers with a MacBook will be particularly pleased, because downloads are now also available on the desktop, not just on the iPhone or iPad.

The problem is well known: All video streaming services offer apps with download options for the iPhone and iPad, but not for the Mac. Amazon finally has an understanding and corrects this annoying circumstance. The app for Amazon Prime Video is now also available free of charge in the Mac App Store .

Amazon Prime Video is finally getting its own Mac app

The app download only takes 50 MB. However, if you are wondering about the small cloud symbol in the Mac App Store, which suggests that you already own the app, let me tell you: Amazon makes it easy for itself and simply adds a Mac download to the existing universal app. In this respect, the scope of services does not really differ from the iOS and iPadOS counterparts.

With Prime, you get more than just a streaming service. In the video we explain all the advantages of the subscription:

Means: For the first time we can also download films and series directly to the Mac and do not have to rely on an Internet connection when we are on the go. This is otherwise absolutely necessary when using Amazon Prime Video via the browser. So if you are traveling, you will love the new opportunity. For example, we can comfortably watch films and other video content from Amazon on our MacBooks on the train. In case of doubt, they have the larger screen than the iPad.

Condition: Apple computer must at least run on Big Sur

Important to know: To use and download the app, you need at least macOS Big Sur version 11.4 . So if you still use an older system, you have to update. Features such as picture-in-picture and AirPlay are also supported. For reasons of copy protection, we can neither take screenshots nor screen recordings. The result is then just a black screenshot.

Needless to say, you need to subscribe to Amazon Prime in order to view the included content from Amazon Prime Video. This costs 7.99 euros a month or, alternatively, 69 euros a year. If you can count, take the annual subscription, because in the end we save almost 27 euros.


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