Aldi cell phone for 79 euros: hot or junk?

Aldi cell phone for 79 euros: hot or junk?

As of next week, Aldi will again have a cell phone on offer. The price sounds tempting at 79.99 euros, especially since there is also a starter set from Aldi Talk with 10 euros credit. We'll reveal whether it's really worth buying.

Aldi offers entry-level smartphone Realme C11 for 79.99 euros

For many people, the name "Aldi" is synonymous with low prices. So if the discounter includes a smartphone in its range, you can expect that you won't have to pay the moon prices of current flagship models. With a price of 79.99 euros (see Aldi Süd), the Realme C11 fulfills this expectation. It will be available from Aldi Süd from November 25th . But what about the features of the Aldi cell phone?

There, buyers have to make some compromises, as a look at the key technical data shows:

6.5-inch display (1,600 x 720 pixels) Unisoc processor (eight cores, maximum 1.6 GHz) 2 GB RAM 32 GB memory (expandable) 8 MP main camera 5 MP front camera 5,000 mAh battery Android 11

This places the Aldi cell phone at the lower end of the performance spectrum . More than the simplest tasks (WhatsApp, surfing or telephony) shouldn't be possible with the Realme C11. At least the device should have a good battery life due to the combination of a large battery and low-end hardware.

Important to know : The Aldi offer is apparently the Realme C11 in the 2021 version. There is also a technically slightly better version of the Realme cell phone from the previous year.

A lot is known about Aldi. But in the video we reveal lesser-known facts:

As a second mobile phone or for smartphone newcomers

So who is the Realme C11 for? Around 80 euros is not a lot of money and much cheaper than mid-range or upper-class smartphones. There is also a starter set from Aldi Talk with a starting credit of 10 euros. However, the meager equipment cannot be ignored.

The Aldi cell phone is therefore only recommended as a second cell phone or for absolute smartphone newcomers, for example for retirees. If you want to spend more money and have higher demands, you will find alternatives in our topic special: Smartphone test 2021: Samsung, iPhone, Xiaomi in comparison.


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