AirPods at Aldi: should you access the discounter?

AirPods at Aldi: should you access the discounter?

If you are looking for AirPods at Aldi, you will often find mostly cheap copies there. But now the discounter has the original from Apple in the "shop window" again. But how good is the offer anyway? xiaomist clarifies and makes a recommendation.

AirPods 2 at Aldi for only 111 euros: Available from December 11th

On Saturday, November 11th, you can buy the original 2nd generation AirPods in the branches of Aldi Nord (see at Aldi). You only have to pay 111 euros - at the moment the best price on the market. Elsewhere we pay over 116 euros, at Apple itself, of course, the popular earphones cost a lot more - a whole 149 euros in the Apple Store. But we will answer in a moment whether the headphones are worth it for that alone.

Curious: At the same time, the joint online shop of Aldi Nord and Aldi Süd has exactly the same AirPods from Apple for 119 euros, including shipping (see Aldi). Ergo: If you tolerate yourself and don't shy away from going to the next Aldi Nord branch, you will save another 8 euros.

Is it worth buying the old AirPods?

Important to know: Here at Aldi there is the standard version. Means: The enclosed charging case has to be charged by cable , the wireless alternative costs more, has now been replaced by Apple with the AirPods 3 and is only available as a remaining stock at retailers (around 170 euros, see price comparison at Idealo). However, we can definitely no longer recommend this variant, so it would be better to use the AirPods 3 right away (around 188 euros, check it out on Amazon).

It looks different with the normal AirPods 2, the Aldi from December 11th. sold for 111 euros. You can confidently access it. It also has the H1 chip from Apple for a better connection to iPhone and Co. Also supported is "Hey Siri" - just say the two magic words and the iPhone voice assistant listens and is at your service. Compared to the AirPods 3, we have to do without improved protection against sweat and water, but also save almost 80 euros.

A comparison of the different AirPods models:

Are there any other disadvantages? Well , we have to do without an active reduction of ambient noise , which is only available with the more expensive AirPods Pro. In the meantime, however, they have also become cheaper and, like the AirPods 3, now have a charging case with MagSafe, cost only 218.46 euros on Amazon, for example (see Amazon). Usually they are available from Apple at the official price of just under 280 euros.

The bottom line: The "simple" AirPods should be enough for most users. By the way, they still have one advantage over the Pro and AirPods 3. If they get lost, it doesn't hurt the wallet that much - at least.


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