After PayPal: Klarna is massively expanding functions as a super app

After PayPal: Klarna is massively expanding functions as a super app

Chinese apps like AliPay have been leading the way for some time, PayPal is following suit, and now Klarna is also getting started: Those who use the Klarna app can look forward to many new features, payment functions and online shopping should continue to grow together.

In Germany, the Swedish financial app Klarna PayPal cannot hold a candle to, at least in terms of usage figures. Even so, there are millions of customers who are now being served many additional features .

Klarna app becomes an all-rounder online: Simply pay anywhere

An integrated browser brings online shopping directly into the app. In the future, it will no longer matter whether online shops offer Klarna as a payment method. Customers can simply generate a virtual, interest-free "one-time card" and pay online anywhere - a unique feature according to Klarna.

The collections also offer real added value: users can create practical wish lists and follow the price history of products or compare them with others. If something is cheaper, the app will contact you. A maximum shopping budget can be set so that you don't put too much strain on your own finances (source: Klarna).

The aim is to create an overview by displaying all purchases directly in the app - including order and shipment status. Returns can be organized directly in the Klarna app, various payment methods are supported, including "buy now, pay later".

Banking features are integrated, crypto is left out

Customers in Germany already have the option of creating overnight and fixed-term deposits as accounts with Klarna. These banking functions will be extended to other markets, but for German customers there will be a change in the fact that the banking offer can be found together with the other functions in the Klarna app.

Thanks to a shopping budget, Klarna also helps you save - you can find more tips in the video :

In contrast to the Asian models, however, they are currently deliberately foregoing all-round service. Ordering food, personal loans or crypto investments are not provided at Klarna , explains product manager David Fock (source: Financefwd).

Instead, they want to continue to concentrate on the two core areas of shopping and payment. It is also planned to integrate third-party providers. The startup Stocard is such a candidate. Klarna has taken over the app, in which bonus cards can be collected. Live shopping events are also in the making.


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