A new Xiaomi with Snapdragon 870 processor is now ready for presentation

Xiaomi seems to have a new smartphone ready equipped with the powerful Snapdragon 870 . This is at least detailed in the latest certification obtained by the brand, which also confirms part of the characteristics of this mysterious device.

Under the model number 2112123AC , Xiaomi has obtained a new certification in the TENAA unit of a mysterious equipped mobile device that many media have started talking about without guessing which device it will be .

The rumored Xiaomi 12 mini or the first Redmi K50

As we can see below these lines, this mysterious device has been certified revealing the incorporation of a Snapdragon 870 processor with 5G and a 67W fast charging system that will allow you to charge your battery in less than an hour.

Un nuevo Xiaomi con procesador Snapdragon 870 ya está listo para su presentación. Noticias Xiaomi A
TENAA certification

Beyond that, the characteristics of this new smartphone remain a mystery, although the truth is that we could be facing the rumored Xiaomi 12 mini or one of the first members of the long-awaited Redmi K50 Series .

A new Xiaomi with Snapdragon 870 processor is now ready for presentation. News Xiaomi
Xiaomi 2112123AC Certification

What is clear is that Xiaomi already has this device ready for presentation and marketing . The certification in the TENAA unit is a totally imminent arrival, although for now only in the Chinese market.

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