11 WhatsApp guys that get on everyone s nerves

11 WhatsApp guys that get on everyone s nerves

WhatsApp is and will remain one of the most popular messengers of all - despite the ups and downs of the past few months. Of course there are also typical users who really know everyone on WhatsApp - and who unfortunately annoy many others. Do you recognize each other again?

We all know someone who has some very special idiosyncrasies about WhatsApp. We have put together a few of the most common and notorious WhatsApp types for you here. Perhaps you recognize one or the other or even yourself?

I do not write, I "voice messages"

Voice messages are the new Whatsappen. If you don't feel like typing, just hold your finger on it and talk freely from the liver. It's also much easier and faster, and also has that personal touch of hearing the other person's voice - almost as if you were ... yes, almost like talking on the phone. If you can try again, it is always better than having to listen to voice messages from the mailbox that lasted for minutes like in the old days.

Colleague chain letter

How often have you already lost money, been given notice or died because you did not forward the chain letter from your friend? We must all be medical miracles. In the worst case, there is still malware behind such actions, in the best case it's just annoying. An appeal to all who get involved: Please stop it. Incidentally, this also applies to a large part of the signature campaigns.

Do you already know Ted?

Loosely based on How I Met Your Mother, we name the " forwarder " as "Do you already know Ted?". In most contact lists you will find someone who seldom sends you anything other than "Do you know ...?" Followed by the latest meme (yes, of course you have already seen that yourself), a funny video (yes, you uses YouTube, Instagram and TikTok itself) or similar finds. It's kind of nice when someone thinks of you, but it can be kept within limits, right?

Mr. Videocall

Don't many of us have enough online meetings while working from home? Does it really always have to be the video call? Sometimes you just want to lie comfortably in your pajamas without being watched.

The emoji junkie

What do 10 laughing, crying, face-palming or other emojis say that an individual cannot? Exactly that the emoji junkie knocked you out again. I sometimes wonder how much time was invested in the selection: Does this or that emoji say more about my emotional world? Hopefully it didn't take long. On the other hand, there is usually only a colorful bunch that hardly anyone looks at, let's be honest.

Oops, sorry, that wasn't for you

Sure, you can make a mistake and end up in the wrong chat. Hopefully it was then just a message that the wrong person does n't know what to do with, and not a private photo. But it gets interesting when that happens all the time. Is that still an oversight or is someone testing how messages come across?

Are you fed up with WhatsApp? In the video you will find an overview of some alternatives:

The fellow reader

Group chats are a world of their own anyway. But every WhatsApp group felt that one member who belonged in, but never commented on anything. Whether there is a party to plan or just a chat with friends - if you don't take part at all, you look like the bad secret agent behind your newspaper with the punched out peepholes.

No connection under this number

Yes, WhatsApp is what is known as an instant messenger . In theory, anyone could reply to a message immediately, but it doesn't always have to be. If you need an answer immediately, it's better to call. Just as unnecessary: ​​Just don't answer at all and then write weeks later: Hey, sorry, I didn't see it at all. Virtually all of us spend enough time on our smartphones to notice when someone is typing.

The Morse spammer

Who ... writes ... because ... please ... so ...? Lots of dots to give space for your own thoughts or even better: only send a single word per message so that the smartphone vibrates on the other side until it jumps off the table. Must be ... but ... not ... right?

Status icon Status

The status can be a very nice feature, but: Do you really have to update it every hour? The legends claim that there are also people who go through life without WhatsApp status.

Show me your car correct and I'll tell you who you are

Please, please, please just read briefly about the messages that you have sent. Nowadays everyone is used to strange messages in which one word doesn't make sense. But people who you are not very close with really don't need to know how you "trained" your car correctly. The suggestions there partly correspond to your writing and search behavior and some things are welcome to remain private.


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