You don t need an iPhone 13 for this: You can now retrofit an ingenious feature via the app

You don t need an iPhone 13 for this: You can now retrofit an ingenious feature via the app

The camera of the iPhone 13 (mini) and especially that of the iPhone 13 Pro (Max) bring significant improvements for users. But do we have to buy a new Apple cell phone for every new feature? Not if the developers of the alternative camera app "Halide" have their way.

The macro function of the iPhone 13 Pro (Max) is impressive. Up to a close focus of just two centimeters, you can take pretty convincing macro shots with the Apple smartphone - almost like a microscope. Older iPhones and also the standard and mini version of the iPhone 13 have to do without it. So is there no alternative to buying an iPhone 13 Pro (Max)?

Macro mode, as with the iPhone 13 Pro, now also via app

Not necessarily, because the newly introduced version 2.5 of the Halide camera app also includes such a macro mode - available for all iPhones with the "Neural Engine", i.e. from the iPhone 8 and up (source: MacRumors). And how does the mode work?

The developers note that the new macro mode first checks which of the iPhone's camera lenses is most suitable for focusing so closely. After that, the next step is to switch to this lens. The macro function then offers extremely precise focus control down to the sub-millimeter range to ensure that the photo looks sharp. Finally, an AI-based function called "Neural Macro" further improves the details of the photo taken. In this way, Halide also enables such recordings for older iPhones.

Halide can do a lot more, as indicated in the video :

But according to the makers , owners of an iPhone 13 Pro (Max) also benefit from it, because the macro capabilities are then increased again . According to his own statement, results are achieved that are astonishingly close to microscopic images, which are accordingly enlarged even more. More details and a number of comparison images can be found on the app developers' website.

What does the app cost in Apple's App Store?

Existing customers will receive a free update. However, the app itself is not directly free of charge. After downloading, interested parties can choose between three subscription models - monthly for 2.99 euros, annually for 12.49 euros or one-off for 49.99 euros . So if you are not sure, you can test the app for a small fee of just under 3 euros. So far, the Halide has at least received a good rating of 4.2 stars in the App Store.


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