You can now download Windows 11: all compatible Xiaomi laptops

Windows 11 is now available for download , a new version of the most used desktop operating system in the world, which can also be installed on a wide range of Xiaomi laptops .

Windows 11 has been presented as one of Microsoft's biggest bets , incorporating not only important cosmetic changes, but also a new store. Likewise, this new version released by Microsoft adds a new cropping tool or even new photo apps .

To install Windows 11 on your computer, simply download it from this link . Of course, do not forget that it will be necessary to meet certain requirements, such as having a processor with 2 or more cores at 1GHz and also being 64bits or having a TPM chip .

Xiaomi laptops that can be upgraded to Windows 11

Ya puedes descargar Windows 11: todos los portátiles Xiaomi compatibles. Noticias Xiaomi A

For its part, Xiaomi has published its Windows 11 deployment plan , indicating all those devices that we can update to this new version and that they can also do so without complications.

Among these Xiaomi laptops compatible with Windows 11 we find a wide variety of models:

  • Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro 14
  • Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro 15 OLED
  • Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro X
  • Xiaomi Mi Notebook 15.6 », Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro 15.6»
  • Xiaomi Mi Laptop Air, Xiaomi Mi Laptop
  • RedmiBook Pro 14, RedmiBook Pro 15
  • RedmiBook Air 13
  • RedmiBook 13, RedmiBook 14, RedmiBook 14 II, RedmiBook 16
  • Redmi G

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