Xperia Pro-I: Sony smartphone heralds camera revolution

Xperia Pro-I: Sony smartphone heralds camera revolution

Sony almost made it. A few hours before the official announcement of the "groundbreaking Xperia cell phone", a leak has surfaced that reveals the most important details about the new device - and they really are tough.

Sony Xperia Pro-I eliminates the need for compact cameras

Since Sony's announcement of the event that will take place tomorrow, we've been puzzling over what it might be. Will it be a camera to put on, like a few years ago, or a completely new smartphone? Someone couldn't hold back and spoiled the surprise - and it would actually be a real surprise, because nobody could expect that. Sony has built a 1-inch sensor into the Xperia Pro-I and, with accessories, turns it into a vlog camera.

You can see straight away that the main camera is something special. The sensor measures an insane 1 inch, which Sony otherwise only gets in compact cameras such as Sony RX100 or Sony Vlog camera ZV-1. The latter should also be the model, because you can actually make a vlog camera out of it :

For this purpose, Sony will offer a holder in which the smartphone can be attached. A small monitor, microphone and battery stick can be attached to it , turning the smartphone into a vlog camera. A really crazy idea, but one that should please some people.

We are of course interested in the new 1-inch camera, which can work with a variable aperture from f / 2.0 to f / 4.0 . The photos but also the videos would have to achieve a quality that is not available on any other smartphone.

In the video teaser, Sony announces the new smartphone:

Sony cell phone imitates Leica

Incidentally, Sony is not the first smartphone manufacturer to install a 1-inch sensor in mobile phones. Leica recently also presented a smartphone with a 1-inch sensor. In contrast to the Leica device, the Sony Xperia Pro-I will probably also come to Germany. The official presentation will take place tomorrow, then we'll find out more.


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