Xiaomi supplies cell phones faster than Google: the final Android 12 update is here

Xiaomi supplies cell phones faster than Google: the final Android 12 update is here

Nobody would have expected that. Even before Google even offered the final Android 12 update for its Pixel smartphones as an update, the Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi pushed ahead and distributed the major upgrade to the new version of the operating system. There is one small restriction, however.

Xiaomi distributes final Android 12 update

Google released the final version of Android 12 this week. Contrary to what was expected, the update for the Pixel smartphones was not started at the same time, but a few improvements to the Pixel Launcher were made. This step was completely unexpected and now creates a little curiosity. Xiaomi has started to distribute the final version of Android 12 as the first manufacturer in China (source: WinFuture).

Usually, Xiaomi is not one of the smartphone manufacturers who provide updates really quickly. The Chinese company distributes updates, but rather at a leisurely pace. If you took part in the beta test with your Xiaomi Mi 11, Mi 11i or Mi 11 Ultra , you can now install the final update. The global beta test of Xiaomi has already started. Theoretically, the final update could follow pretty quickly.

Xiaomi also trumps arch-rival Samsung, which recently distributed the second beta version for the Galaxy S21 series. It should take a few more weeks for development to be completed there. Google wants to distribute the update for its pixel smartphone "in the coming weeks" . The Android developer is actually expected to see the updates there first.

Xiaomi offers an update guarantee for individual smartphones

The recently introduced Xiaomi 11T and 11T Pro also come with an update guarantee. The Chinese company has promised three major system updates and four years of security updates. Xiaomi is definitely moving in the right direction to enable customers to use their smartphone securely for longer.


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