Xiaomi sets arrival date for its first electric vehicle

Although, it will not be until mid-2022 when we know the first details of Xiaomi's electric vehicle , its market launch will have to wait even longer . The company itself has also communicated it, confirming the first arrival date of the Xiaomi Car.

Lei Jun, CEO and co-founder of Xiaomi, has held a new conference in which he reported on the current process in which the development of its first electric vehicle is located, as well as the date on which it will begin to be produced. en masse .

The Xiaomi Car will not see the light on the market until 2024

Apparently, the Xiaomi Car will begin its mass production during the first half of 2024 , thus, probably, begin to be marketed in certain markets at the end of this year or even the beginning of 2025.

Xiaomi pone fecha de llegada para su primer vehículo eléctrico. Noticias Xiaomi A
Possible design of the Xiaomi Car

In addition, the company has informed that the first assembly factory will be located in Beijing Yizhuang , an indication that we will find ourselves in front of an electric vehicle destined, at least initially, exclusively for the Chinese market.

Beyond this, Lei Jun and the Xiaomi Motor team wanted to recall that the first investment phase has involved a total of US $ 10 billion and that the same amount will also be invested in the coming years.

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