Xiaomi Mouse Pad Heated

The last part of the year is approaching and, with it, the temperatures have begun to drop. Thinking about this, Xiaomi Sothing has presented a new mouse pad, which is already available at Banggood and which has temperature regulation !

Código de descuento de la alfombrilla de ratón Xiaomi Sothing

SOTHING Heating Mouse Pad What are its features?

Yes, its striking feature of this new Xiaomi Sothing mouse pad is its heating capacity (so we can also call it an electric mouse pad ); However, given its dimensions of 80 x 33 cm , it can be used on practically any type of PC (desktop, laptop and even for smart tablets).

Inside, it has a heating system that can be controlled between different temperatures: 38, 42 and 48 degrees C. And, of course, having a timer that facilitates shutdown, for example, in case we forget it (this can be done automatically).

heated mat xiaomi

This system allows us to stay much warmer and more comfortable when working sitting in front of the computer (when, especially in winter, we can suffer from cold hands and fingers).

In short, we are talking about a new article that we should not underestimate; especially if we continuously work or study in the coldest time of year with the help of the computer or spend many hours in front of the computer.

Xiaomi heated mat What is its price and availability?

xiaomi mouse mat

As for the price, it is around € 14 . While, as far as availability is concerned, it can already be found at Banggood with shipping to Spain and other European countries .

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