Xiaomi launches a giraffe-shaped wax extractor for children

Many of us already know it, YouPin, the crowfunding platform of the Chinese brand is known for the enormous amount of articles that we can find in it. This means that it offers solutions of various kinds and, best of all, for a long list of needs .

Kit limpiador de oídos inteligente Xiaomi YouPin

Xiaomi launches an animal-shaped wax extractor for children

Thus, among the latest launches of the Chinese brand we find a practical gadget focused on the smallest of the family. We are talking about a complete ear cleaning kit, with a childish and cuddly appearance .

What are the features of Xiaomi's new ear cleaning kit?

Overall, the cleaning kit 12 ear Bebird presents tips that can be exchanged, and a flexible body which facilitates the work of hi g iene. In fact, Bebird is a Chinese company that specializes in these types of products. And on this occasion, it has shown off with the functionality and appearance of its new ear cleaning kit, which features a giraffe design .

Xiaomi YouPin Smart Ear Cleaner Kit

One of the most striking aspects is that it has a high-resolution camera at one of its tips. This, together with its Wi-Fi connection function, can be linked with another device in order to be able to observe the inside of the child's ear . So cleaning can be done in a much better way.

Another of its smart features is temperature control. Since the temperature of the tip can vary between 25 to 32 degrees .

Xiaomi YouPin Smart Ear Cleaner Kit

Finally, we must also mention that it has a 230 mAh battery, an LED light and charges through a USB Type C cable .

What is the price and availability of this smart ear cleaner kit?

The Xiaomi YouPin smart ear cleaner kit for children can be purchased from November 16, only on this crowdfunding platform, for 199 yuan (approximately € 27).

Although it is expected that they will also sell it on platforms such as Aliexpress. We will update this article when this happens, giving you the best price for this children's ear cleaner.

Xiaomi YouPin Smart Ear Cleaner Kit


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