Xiaomi launched mijia rechargeable desktop lamp

Xiaomi has launched a new desktop lamp called mijia Smart Rechargeable Desktop Lamp in China. This smart lamp has several features that make it easy on the eyes and continuous use. The price of this lamp is 129 yuan ($ 20), which is very affordable. Mijia Smart Rechargeable Desktop Lamp is equipped with a 2000 mAh lithium battery that can hold 120 hours of charge and provide 100% brightness for more than 4 hours. It can also hold a charge for more than 40 hours at 10% brightness, while at 1% brightness it can be turned on at night and can stay on for up to 120 hours.

This product maintains the same color temperature settings and three-speed brightness used in the previous generation desktop lamp. However, in this model, you can customize the color temperature and brightness through the Mijia program according to your personal preference. It also has a preset scene mode.

This device is equipped with 12 internal 0.25W LED modules with 5W power. The color temperature can be set between 2700K-6000K, which is suitable for all types of home scenes.

As a smart table lamp, when the doorbell rings, the light flashes to alert the homeowner. When the bedside lamp goes out during sleep, it automatically turns off the lights in other rooms. At night, when the smart body sensor detects movements, it helps you turn on the night mode automatically.

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