Xiaomi is showing the fastest Android smartphone in the world in advance

Xiaomi is showing the fastest Android smartphone in the world in advance

Xiaomi will shortly be introducing the Black Shark 4S, a new high-end mobile phone that is very likely to be the fastest Android smartphone in the world. It is already clearly visible in which direction this device is oriented.

Xiaomi Black Shark 4S with Snapdragon 888+ expected

Until a few days ago, the Black Shark 4 Pro from Xiaomi was the fastest smartphone in the world. Then the RedMagic 6S Pro came around the corner and took the throne. Now Xiaomi wants to go up and back to the top with the Black Shark 4S. While a Snapdragon 888 is still working in the Black Shark 4 Pro, the Plus model with more power will be installed in the Black Shark 4S . So the way to the top is actually safe.

The first pictures of the Black Shark 4S have now appeared on Weibo. As with the Pro model, it will be a gaming smartphone that can call up a lot of performance and should also look like it:

The special thing about the "Black Shark" smartphones from Xiaomi is the good price-performance ratio. You get a lot of hardware for relatively little money . This should also be the case with the Black Shark 4S. But here you only focus on the things that are really important. Lots of performance, good display and long battery life. You have to cut back on the camera.

The current flagship smartphone from Xiaomi in the video :

Xiaomi will soon introduce Black Shark 4S

At least in China, the presentation of the Black Shark 4S from Xiaomi should take place on October 13th . Then we will find out all the details about the high-end smartphone for the tight budget. Some of the models also make it to Europe. Whether that will also be the case with this smartphone is of course the other question. With the 11T and 11T Pro, Xiaomi recently launched two interesting Android smartphones at an attractive price in Germany.


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