Xiaomi is already ahead of Apple and Samsung in 5G smartphones for Europe

The impact of Xiaomi smartphones in Europe is growing more and more, and we can see it in the level of sales (increasing).

Xiaomi is the company that sells the most 5G phones in Europe

Ventas de teléfonos inteligentes xiaomi 5G en Europa q3 2021

The Chinese house has managed to stay in the top sales of the continent in the impressive span of 4 years. And it seems that things will not stay that way. Since Xiaomi has expressed, recently, that it is preparing to become the best 5G smartphone manufacturer in Europe in the remainder of 2021 and start on the right foot in 2022.

What is the evidence? Why has Xiaomi sold so much phone with 5G?

Recently, Strategy Analytics has shown evidence of Xiaomi's excellent performance; as it registered 41.8% of total sales in the third quarter of 2021 . This far exceeded what was done by Apple and Samsung, who achieved, respectively, 26% and 11.3% of the European market.

This is simply amazing; Since just in 2020, the 5G smartphones of the Chinese house barely reached 4.3%, where Samsung was the undisputed leader .

xiaomi 5G smartphone sales in europe q3 2021 2

Everybody nowadays knows or has a product from Xiaomi or its sub-brands like Redmi, Poco, etc. And if something is doing well, it is to continue with adjusted prices in the mid-range, where we can find phones for € 200 with VERY good quality / price and where many of them already have 5G .

However, companies like Samsung continue to have a higher price and lower hardware features than their competition, and more so with 5G phones .

The top 5 5G phones in Europe

Completing the rest of the Top 5, we find Realme ("Xiaomi future competition if it does it well"), which occupies 7.2% of the market, followed by OnePlus and OPPO , which apparently, the three brands have interesting plans expansion in the future.

Taken together, we can see how Xiaomi, slowly but surely, is becoming the favorite brand of 5G phones in Europe and with good reason, since the competition does not currently offer the same features.

  • To find out, take a look at Xiaomi's latest phones and see their competition.


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