Xiaomi implements in MIUI the definitive function to shield their mobiles against theft

Xiaomi has implemented in MIUI what will probably become the definitive option in order to shield and protect our smartphone in general against possible theft or loss . A feature that will mark a before and after, automatically activating the lost mode.

To date, if someone stole our Xiaomi, Redmi or POCO and removed their SIM, it would run out of Internet access , resulting in functionalities such as " finding our device " being totally useless.

Well, Xiaomi has thought about this, implementing a new functionality in MIUI capable of detecting when the SIM has been accidentally removed and consequently activating the lost mode automatically.

Now it will be much more difficult for your Xiaomi to be stolen

As we can read through MIUIes , Xiaomi has integrated into MIUI a new security measure when removing the SIM card from one of its mobiles that is blocked , that is, requiring a pattern, PIN or fingerprint to your access.

Xiaomi implementa en MIUI la función definitiva para blindar sus móviles ante robos. Noticias Xiaomi A

If the mobile device is locked and the SIM card is removed, it will begin to vibrate for 30 seconds. After that, it will enter lost mode if the screen lock is not confirmed . In this way, it will be impossible to access the data or even use the device itself, regardless of whether it is restored to factory settings .

Of course, this new functionality is only present in the latest MIUI Closed Beta , specifically in version 21.10.14, which is also intended for the Chinese ROM. It is therefore probably part of the news that we see in MIUI 13.

Via | MIUIes

The entry Xiaomi implements in MIUI the definitive function to shield your mobiles against theft was published first in xiaomist: Xiaomi news and news website .


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