Xiaomi ignites the turbo on old Android smartphones

Xiaomi ignites the turbo on old Android smartphones

More and more smartphone manufacturers are integrating a function that helps entry-level and mid-range models in particular to run faster in certain situations. Xiaomi is not only introducing the feature for new models, but is even supplying an old Android smartphone with the Mi 9.

Xiaomi Mi 9 receives RAM upgrade

Just yesterday we reported that Samsung is expanding the "RAM Plus" function. Not only mid-range cell phones get more RAM, but also top smartphones like the Galaxy Z Fold 3. This is a fundamental function that is integrated into all Samsung models. Xiaomi does the same thing. According to information from China, the virtual RAM is also integrated in old models (source: GizChina). In that case, it concerns the Xiaomi Mi 9, which was presented in February 2019.

Xiaomi expands the main memory of the Mi 9 in such a way that it receives a small buffer. If the dedicated RAM threatens to fill up because you are running many applications at the same time, the small turbo with the additional RAM switches on and gives the smartphone some breathing space. Although it does not work as fast as real RAM, since it is only internal memory, it can decide whether a smartphone starts to jerk and appears overloaded or whether it continues to run fast.

More and more manufacturers are integrating this function in their smartphones to optimize performance. Basically, there is no disadvantage, as the internal memory is available anyway, but you can get a great advantage if the smartphone threatens to be overloaded.

The latest Xiaomi smartphone presented in the video :

New function will be activated soon

Xiaomi will give the new feature to the Mi 9 and probably many other smartphones. As with Samsung, the function is likely to be activated for more and more devices in upcoming updates.


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